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Polishing Service

At Hobijam, we understand that the luster of a luxury timepiece is a reflection of its owner’s discerning taste. Our expert watchmakers and artisans take immense pride in restoring your watch’s brilliance through our meticulous polishing service. Using the most advanced techniques and tools, we delicately remove scratches and imperfections, ensuring that your high-end watch shines like new. Your timepiece will not only regain its aesthetic beauty but also retain its value. Trust Hobijam for a flawless polishing service, and let your luxury watch gleam once more.

Repair Service

Hobijam is committed to preserving the excellence of your luxury watches. Our highly skilled watch technicians are adept at identifying and rectifying any issues with your timepiece. From intricate movement repairs to restoring the functionality of complications, we provide comprehensive watch repair services. We only use genuine parts to ensure the authenticity and performance of your watch. Rest assured that your prized possession is in capable hands when you choose Hobijam for watch repair. We uphold the legacy of your luxury timepiece. 

n overhaul at Hobijam is a rejuvenation process for your treasured watch. Our expert watchmakers meticulously disassemble your timepiece, clean every component, and replace worn-out parts with precision. This comprehensive service ensures that the inner mechanisms of your watch perform optimally. With Hobijam’s meticulous attention to detail, your luxury watch will be restored to its full potential, delivering accuracy and reliability for years to come. Choose Hobijam for the ultimate watch overhaul experience.

We understand that your luxury watch should fit you perfectly. Hobijam offers professional resizing services to ensure that your timepiece is comfortable and secure on your wrist. Our skilled technicians will adjust the bracelet or strap with precision, taking into account your wrist size and preferences. We guarantee that your watch will not only look exceptional but also provide the ideal comfort you deserve. Trust Hobijam to tailor your luxury watch to your individual style.

When it comes to high-quality after-service, Hobijam is your trusted partner, preserving the elegance and performance of your luxury timepieces.



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